When opportunity knocked, I opened the door and joined Builders Capital in early 2018 as National Purchasing Director, then in mid 2019 as Senior Loan Officer.


Builders and investors have a variety of choices when it comes to project financing. Banks, Hard Money Lenders, Private Equity Partners and so forth are all competing to provide your financing. The reality is that most lenders know very little about what it really means to build a house.


Many of your lending institutions are simply bankers funding a widget that they barely understand. Once your project is funded and they collect their fees they sell the loan and subcontract the servicing to a 3rd party provider. Alternatively, if you are borrowing from an individual investor or bringing on a private equity partner you may be entering into a complex relationship with an individual who may or may not have your best interests in mind. 

My approach to lending is in my opinion very different. My goal is to provide you with solutions for your financial challenges at the best rates and terms that I possibly can. It's that simple.


I start by getting to know you and gaining an understanding of your business and your project. I capitalize on my industry background, experience and understanding of the Builders Capital loan programs and follow a solutions based, often creative approach to structuring your loan. I then present you with the best, most competitively priced loan I possibly can with full transparency into your fees, costs and estimated interest expenses. Once we have agreement on the loan structure my team and I work hard behind the scenes to get your loan approved and funded. After funding my team services the loan and takes care of you each step of the way until you pay off your loan.  

It is that very strategy that has helped me to fund some extremely complex construction projects in Florida. It is that very same strategy that sets me apart from your average hard money lender. 

A little about my early background...


When I was young, maybe 10 or 12, I helped my Dad fix up old houses that he would then rent out or sell.  That was before the term "Fix and Flip" was coined. I started my first construction job when I was 15 years old laying pipe in a new community development. I continued working various construction jobs throughout high school and college. The most physically challenging job I had was building residential foundations. That was hard, hot, grueling work that taught me a lot. 

In 2004, after working 6 years for AT&T Wireless mostly in Analyst and Project Manager roles, I opened Trent Homes, Inc., a custom home building company. I also had a small insulation business called Pacific Spray Insulation (PSI). In 2009 during the height of the recession I transitioned into production home building for SDC Homes where I led Purchasing and at times Operations. 

Since those early years in home building I have gained extensive experience building homes and solving complex problems. With titles like VP of Purchasing & Estimating, Director of Purchasing, and Director of Operations I have contributed towards the successful completion of thousands of new homes in over a dozen markets nation-wide.


This diverse background has given me experience building homes of all types and in a variety of conditions. Single family, multi-family, scattered site, community building, stacked condo, row homes, town homes. You name it and I have probably done it. I have a thorough understanding of what it takes for a builder to be successful and a strong drive to help my clients achieve their financial goals with each project. 

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