Bentley Ridge

Town Homes

February 2020: Leesburg, FL - 22 of 104 Luxury Town Homes

New construction funding for 18 new luxury town home units plus renovation of an existing 4-unit town home building and club house. A total of 104 potential units are to be built and funded by Builders Capital through a series of construction loans.

$5,100,000 Construction Loan

March 2020: Orlando, FL - 32 of 48 Luxury Town Home Units

New construction funding for 32 of 48 total town home units in Orlando, Fl near the Orlando Executive Airport.  This was a BRIDGE & GO! Loan that allows the builder some time prior to construction for architectural redesign and to become permit ready. 

$5,300,000 BRIDGE & GO! Loan


February 2020: Poinciana, FL - 4 New Construction Single Family Homes

Alberici Homes has partnered with Sky Homes Builder to build four new single family spec homes in the Poinciana, Florida area. These are highly amenitized single floor new homes. This loan included four homes on a single loan. 

$600,000 New Construction Loan

Project Funding Nation Wide

With a nation wide foot print Builders Capital loan officers have the ability to fund projects in many states. Being based in the Orlando, FL area you can see that most of the projects I fund are located in throughout Central Florida. 

If you are considering a project in a state other than Florida please contact me to inquire about possible project funding. 

Many Recently Funded Projects

Florida is ripe for small and medium production home builders. Many builders and investors are building small, entry level homes on scattered sites in suburbs and commuter cities like Port Charlotte, North Port, Poinciana, Palm Bay, Cape Coral, Ocala, Palm Coast and other locations. These locations often offer builders a plethora of developed scattered site lots that are cost effective to build on. They can be a great investment because they are near strong employment centers and benefit from a wide array of buyers. 


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